Greetings from President

Greetings from President

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Dear distinguished members of Korean Otological Society (KOS)

We hope this greeting finds all of you very well in these trying times and wish you a happy new year!

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, which began in 2020, is forcing many ‘new normals’ that we have never even imagined. In these turbulent times, I feel an infinite sense of responsibility with tremendous glory to take over the president of our Korean Otological Society (KOS). However, I think that this hardship could serve as rather an unforeseen opportunity for a bigger leap if we together and actively cope with the changing environment and new values called for by this era. Fueled by a sense of vocation, I would like to start the new year of 2021 with the 15th executive board members of KOS.

Despite COVID-19 which ravaged the whole world in 2020, KOS, which started as the ‘Korean Otology Study Group (KOSG)’ back in 1990, has successfully held nearly a full-scale academic conference in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the foundation of this society to look back upon the past 30 years and opens a new 30 years. Notably, this conference was marked as the first hybrid conference that overseas speakers participated online in the history of the Korean Otorhinolaryngology Society. The slogan of our society, “30 Years devoted to Otology, Advancement of KOS Worldwide,” feels like we were predicting the global situation in advance where physical distances have been eliminated and thus the global villages would become much closer through online communication. For the resolute fulfillment of the mission of “KOS is dedicated to Human Ear Health”, KOS aims to lead the development of the world's academy of otology as well as the domestic one on the basis of the achievement of our senior members over the past 30 years. In a bid to make this possible, we will strive to achieve the vision of our society in five areas, including enhancing the capacity of our members and young doctors in both clinical and research fields about otology.

First, in order to “lead creative research to overcome ear disease”, which is also the main value pursued by KOS, we will actively support activities such as those from Otologic Research Interests Groups (ORIG) and Clinical Study Group, research seminars, and multi-center research so that we can raise our overall research a notch to a higher level and expand our base while further strengthening our expertise at the same time.

Second, in order to “share the best medical care with academic exchanges around the world,” we will continue domestic and international academic meetings through online so that the acquisition of the latest cutting-edge knowledge and academic activities are not interrupted and do not shrink at all. Since this pandemic may come back within a few years or even become indigenous, we will firmly establish a scholarly exchange system in which globalization through ears and the otologic research can be sustained despite COVID-19 pandemic that physically disconnected the world, making us prepared for a huge leap after this.

Third, in order to “contribute to social prosperity by developing health care policies in the otology”, we will do our best to settle the hearing aid project for the elderly and the hearing aid insurance system in a reasonable manner led by otology experts so that the system can be applied in accordance with its original purpose. In addition, we will actively develop and verify new medical technologies related to ear health to create a “new medical technology ecosystem”.

The fourth vision is “cultivate valuable experts trusted by the people”. For this purpose, we will rigorously provide regular education/academic programs and a textbook publication with substantial content that meets the expectation of the members, through which KOS will take a lead in strengthening the expertise of otologists.

Lastly, we really take social responsibility very seriously to “promote the ear health of the people through proper education and public campaign”. To eradicate illegal-pseudo medical care, we will resolutely respond, manage, and track such a case. In addition, through “The Ear Day” event (September 9), we will support the improvement of social awareness of the hearing impaired, thus leading to influential policy-making, and promote activities to let more people acknowledge the value of healthy ears and understand ear diseases throughout the year.

The spirit of KOS is to generously pass on the knowledge and skills we have acquired through basic/clinical researches and patient care to the next generation, so the ultimate goal will be to benefit patients, families, people and finally the world. As the African proverb “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” says, there is a clear limit to the ability of one outstanding individual or a few hard-working people, while the participation of all regular and associate members of our society will ultimately serve as a basis for successful development. We hope and are confident that being a member of KOS will become your pride and give you a sense of belonging, and KOS will for sure be a strong support that you can rely on and sometimes a shield that can protect you. To this end, we will listen to the voices of all members and strive to go far together while always communicating with you. We sincerely wish you and your family happiness and health in this unprecedented hard time.

Thank you very much.

President of Korean Otological Society
Ja-Won Koo